Had the symptoms of COVID19? Book an antibody test!

The antibody test should only be performed 21 days after recovery from COVID19 symptoms or 28 days after contact with someone with COVID19 symptoms. This is to ensure that there has been enough time for detectable antibodies to have built up in the blood.

The test is highly specific and accurate however no test can be 100% accurate. Ask the pharmacist for evidence on the test sensitivity and specificity.

Fill out the form below, or call us to book your test at one of our four convenient locations around Bristol and South Gloucestershire.


Bedminster Pharmacy
4-6 Cannon St
Bristol Avon BS3 1BN
Abbotswood Pharmacy
38 Abbotswood
Bristol Avon BS37 4NG
Ellacombe Pharmacy
24 Ellacombe Road
Longwell Green
Bristol Avon BS30 9BA
Kellaway Pharmacy
18 Kellaway Avenue
Westbury Park
Bristol Avon BS6 7XR