Had the symptoms of COVID19? Book an antibody test!

1. How accurate is the Biopanda test and how much does it matter?

The Biopanda test is more accurate than many other antigen or antibody tests. Many Antigen PCR test have very low accuracy rates and have further issues such as the potential for cross contamination of samples.

2. Is the test CE approved for testing Pharmacy by a Pharmacist or a Pharmacy Technician?

The CE mark is for point of care vitro finger prick capillary use by a Health Care Professional. The test can only be performed and evaluated by a Healthcare Professional such as a Pharmacist or Pharmacy Technician and cannot be sold directly to the public.

3. What is the test actually testing for?

The COVID-19 rapid antibody test is a finger prick test which identifies if the body has developed an antibody response to a COVID-19 infection.

4. Does the test tell you if you have an active COVID-19 infection?

No. The test is not a viral test to identify if you currently have COVID-19. The test is a highly sensitive and a very reliable marker of past infection.

5. Is the test specific to COVID-19 or will antibodies to other Coronavirus show a positive result?

The test is highly specific for COVID19. Evaluation found it had a 98.3% Specificity which means that less than 17 in 1000 positive tests might be false positives due to other reasons such as other corona viruses.

6. What’s the difference between IgG and IgM?

IgM antibodies are the body’s initial immune response that help the body fight off infection.

IgG antibodies are the body’s secondary immune response that remain in the blood to fight off infection.

7. How accurate is the test’s IgG response?

No test can be 100% accurate however, the Biopanda finger prick test is highly accurate. The manufacturer quotes the following accuracy data

IgG Specificity            98.3%                     IgG Sensitivity @ 21 days+       99.9%*

Specificity = The % of people who will test correctly negative for COVID-19 antibodies Sensitivity = The % of people who will test correctly positive for COVID-19 antibodies

8. What is the incidence of false results?

@ 21 days post symptoms the test is >99.9%* accurate at detecting IgG Antibodies and has 98.3% specificity in producing a correct negative test result.

9. If the test gives a positive result does this mean I have had COVID-19 before, can I catch it again?

There is currently no evidence that the presence of antibodies protects you from being infected by the virus again or possibly passing on the infection again. All patients being tests should be told that the presence of antibodies does not infer immunity and to continue following Government guidelines maintaining vigilance, practicing social distancing and isolating when appropriate.

If the control line shows, does this mean the test has definitely worked?

Yes the control line indicates if a test worked and, that enough blood and buffer were correctly applied. The test should not be evaluated unless the control line appears.

11. Who can carry out the test?

Only registered Healthcare Professionals such as the Pharmacist or Pharmacy Technician can perform and evaluate the test.

12. What training has the person delivering the testing had?

The test is licenced for Healthcare Professional use only. Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians are registered Healthcare Professionals so are permitted to carry out the test. Pharmadoctor has made a suite of supporting materials including an instructional video to guide Healthcare professionals to operate a COVID-19 Antibody Testing Service, carry out the test and ensure they understand how to interpret the results.